Microsoft Fabric, fooling around with TPC-H data

In my previous blog, I wrote about some first impression working with Fabric and mostly following the Lakehouse tutorial provided by Microsoft. Well structured as this one may be, the sizes are not like the sizes I'm seeing in the wild. So I decided to give Fabric a bit more of a challenge by letting … Continue reading Microsoft Fabric, fooling around with TPC-H data

Microsoft Fabric, first impressions

This Week, Microsoft released the new Fabric resource on Azure. It's been hard to miss as many MVP's were tweeting, Mastodoning and sending messages on LinkedIn that Build should not be missed this year. So yeah, it was clear something huge was going to happen. When the announcement came, I was outside. My kid had … Continue reading Microsoft Fabric, first impressions

Tsql2sday #161, the writeup

This month, I hosted the Tsql2sday where I asked you to write about the most funny things you did with T-Sql. I'll happily admit it was a bit of a cheesy subject but you came out in numbers to write! Thanks for that. Before I dive into the blogs I found, send me a message … Continue reading Tsql2sday #161, the writeup

Learning ADF Part 6

It's been some time since my last post on Azure Data Factory, but I had some fun this week and wanted to share the learnings. This blog will cover how I read files from an sFTP site, use the copy activity if the file hasn't been processed yet and write some data into a table … Continue reading Learning ADF Part 6

T-SQL Tuesday #161 Invitation. Having fun with T-SQL

Hi all! I'm honoured to be hosting this months T-SQL Tuesday blogging invitation. You all know the rules by now, but if you're a newcomer, a short recap of them: Some of the Rules as you participate in the T-SQL Tuesday: Your post must be published between 00:00:00 UTC and 23:59:59 on Tuesday, april 11th. … Continue reading T-SQL Tuesday #161 Invitation. Having fun with T-SQL

Attending and helping at SQL Bits 2023

Last year, I wrote a blog about speaking, helping and attending at SQL Bits. Of course, I wanted to repeat that experience but my sessions weren't selected. So this time I was helping and attending. In a few blogs I saw names of people that stood out. I won't name many for the simple reason … Continue reading Attending and helping at SQL Bits 2023

Fooling around with TPC-H data, ADF and Hyperscale Serverless

In one of my last blogs, I wrote about my first encounter with the Azure Hyperscale Serverless offering. Now it's time to dig a bit deeper and what it's up to. Disclaimer. Azure Hyperscale Serverless is in preview and one of the things that isn't active yet, is the auto shutdown. This means that it … Continue reading Fooling around with TPC-H data, ADF and Hyperscale Serverless

Azure Hyperscale Serverless, first impressions

As some of you know, I've written a series of blog posts on Azure SQL Databases and there's an accompanying session that I had the honour of presenting a number of times. Now Azure keeps developing new offers and one of these went in public preview February 15th. An offer I hadn't seen coming. You … Continue reading Azure Hyperscale Serverless, first impressions

T-SQL Tuesday #159 – What’s Your New Favourite Feature?

This month Deepthi Goguri invites us (the community) to write about two topics: our favourite new feature of SQL Server 2022 and your new years resolutions. You can find her blog here, her LinkedIn profile here and she's also on Twitter here. Favourite new SQL Server 2022 feature Most of my work is in data … Continue reading T-SQL Tuesday #159 – What’s Your New Favourite Feature?

Distinct or Group By?

A few days ago, I heard someone stating that Group By was much quicker than Distinct. Less disk impact, less memory etc.So, I thought I'd find out if it's true or not because I found it interesting. I always thought there was no difference. I tested a single small table and found no difference in … Continue reading Distinct or Group By?