2019 | 2020

A bit late (as usual) but time to look back on 2019 en look forward to 2020


This year has been weird. All year long i had some lingering doubts about the way my career was becoming stagnant. I was still learning a lot, but i was having a hard time putting it to practice. And there’s only so much you can do with your own labs. During the year i got to work with the cloud solution that my employer is providing. Cool stuff and it lead me to get my first Azure certification.

But there was this need for change. I got to talk with HR and before i knew it there were talks with management and i got an upgrade. From support specialist to consultant with the specialty of Microsoft Data Platform. Nowhere near something like an MVP, but it might be the start. The best part was a remark from the CEO of my business unit: “Give him the opportunity he wants”. It’s such a cool feeling to be backed up from the top.


This will be the year i’ll transfer from support to consultancy. But also the year I’ll go to SQL Bits for the first time. And maybe i’ll start speaking. I’ve heard more than once that i should be capable of doing it, that i’m the only one holding me back (true!) etc etc. One of my first goals is to prepare a session where i feel confident in not wasting anyone’s time. Because of my doubts, i’m too late for the newcomer tracks in DataGrillen and SQL Bits, but there are more ways to achieve my goal. I will be doing a 2 hour session for my employer about SQL Server administration and security. That might lead to something more, who knows.

I’m looking forward to the new year, more blogs than last year and meeting more people!

Bring it on!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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