Save money on Azure SQL DB

Before I start this blog, a shout-out to everyone working in care and hospitals. You rock in these weird times of a worldwide virus pandemic. For those who don’t, you rock for staying at home and not spreading this virus.

So, working from home I got into a collaboration with a few coworkers. We’re trying to set up a new concept in Azure for our company. I’m involved in security and databases. Now, the security part remains difficult but I’m getting there. The database part is what this blog is about.

Managed instance or Azure SQL DB?

We started of with two databases. DB one was running on a managed instance, DB two was running on a serverless configuration. We wanted to try some things out and find out the differences. One huge difference is the way things look in SSMS. Where the Azure DB has a few folders (databases and security mainly), the managed instance has everything you know from on premises databases.

Cheaper or not?

One of the things we wanted to evaluate were costs. Because, a Azure SQL DB has auto pause where, if inactive for one hour, the database goes into hibernation untill it’s needed. Then the giant will awaken and perform it’s duties. So, we should see some differences in costs. And we did. But not much.

What’s active??

When I started looking at the database, I found that there were really small query’s running. Checking the state of the database and other stuff. But these processes looked like background processes. So why was the database still active?

Oops… my bad!

Well….. Because I was working from home, my laptop stayed online. And, SSMS was logged in, and that keeps the database active. Because after I stopped SSMS, one hour later the database went to a well deserved sleep.

So, if you see a database that keeps active and online, check on open connections, not even active ones.

Thanks for reading!

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