Speaking at Pass Data Summit

I'm honoured to be chosen to speak at the enormous Pass Data Summit. I'll doing a virtual session but will leave plenty of time in and after the session for Q&A. The schedule isn't finished yet so I've got no idea what other sessions will be taking place in my timeslot, but seeing some mentions … Continue reading Speaking at Pass Data Summit

Speaking at Data Saturday Oslo

I'm honoured to tell you that I'll be speaking in Oslo this year! I've seen this wonderful city on TV and travelled past it on my way to Hamar for a number of speedskating events. This will be the first time I'll get to visit the city itself. The agenda is brimming with excellent sessions … Continue reading Speaking at Data Saturday Oslo

Speaking at dataMinds Connect 2022!

I'm honoured to tell you that this year, I'm giving a session at the 15th edition of dataMinds Connect. I visited the event last year at the Lamot venue in Mechelen and had a blast. So many good people there. The agenda is brimming with excellent sessions and it's really hard to pick. If you … Continue reading Speaking at dataMinds Connect 2022!

#TSQL2sday #149  T-SQL Advice you’d give to your younger self

This month, Camila Henrique (b | L) invites us to write about advice for our younger selves. In one simple line it'd be 'follow your heart'. After finishing school I had to choose my next level education. I wasn't qualified (yet) to go to university so I went to the next best level. Because I … Continue reading #TSQL2sday #149  T-SQL Advice you’d give to your younger self

Azure Infrastructure as Code

If you've been working with Azure for more than a few months, you'll find that deploying resources with the portal is a tedious, time consuming and, at times, a frustrating excercise. It's the best starting point you can get, because the portal will show you a lot of options and offers a easy learning curve. … Continue reading Azure Infrastructure as Code