Fooling around with TPC-H data, ADF and Hyperscale Serverless

In one of my last blogs, I wrote about my first encounter with the Azure Hyperscale Serverless offering. Now it's time to dig a bit deeper and what it's up to. Disclaimer. Azure Hyperscale Serverless is in preview and one of the things that isn't active yet, is the auto shutdown. This means that it … Continue reading Fooling around with TPC-H data, ADF and Hyperscale Serverless

Azure Hyperscale Serverless, first impressions

As some of you know, I've written a series of blog posts on Azure SQL Databases and there's an accompanying session that I had the honour of presenting a number of times. Now Azure keeps developing new offers and one of these went in public preview February 15th. An offer I hadn't seen coming. You … Continue reading Azure Hyperscale Serverless, first impressions

Azure Data Factory and Soap, an opera?

Getting data from an API can be hard, especially when you're trying to get data from a so-called Soap interface. This is a bit of an antique way to distribute data to online applications and has a lot of challenges. I've read a few blogs on this subject but funnily enough, they're all using the … Continue reading Azure Data Factory and Soap, an opera?

Learning ADF part 2

Moving data In part one of this series, I've managed to transfer my data from an on-premises SQL Server to an Azure SQL DB. This makes life somewhat easier for the next steps. The Azure SQL DB will play the role of my main production server. The one that will serve as source for my … Continue reading Learning ADF part 2

Learning ADF part 1

I'm learning ADF. I know the basics of what it does, but I'm in no way really knowing of what to do. In this blog series I'll try and record the steps I've followed to get to grips with basics and maybe more. Transferring your data from on premises to Azure I'm assuming you've got … Continue reading Learning ADF part 1