2018 review

Blog number 5 and already looking back? Sure, to appreciate the future, you have to know the past. Or something like that 😉

2018 has been a very, very interesting year. The first half started out quite normal, besides writing an advanced SQL training that lasts two days.

I don’t know how i got round to it, but somewhere in 2018 i joined the SqlSlack slack channel. A fun resource where you can ask quick questions and will get a reply. The best part is, it’s not all SQL. There’s powershell as well, powerbi and lot’s of other fun stuff, depending on your profession and interest. It’s one of my standard tabs in Chrome when i start up in the morning.

The big turn-around came at the SQL Grillen event. Something triggered me into using twitter. That’s where i discovered the Sql Family in it’s full, embracing and warm form. You can find them with the #sqlfamily hashtag.

Everyone is welcome (as long as you behave yourself) and accepted as they are. If you need help, you will receive it. If you have an idea, there are always people happy to improve on it or guide you if you want that.

For me the biggest leap was powershell. I’m in no way proficient, expert or knowledgable. But i like the concept, the structure and the power. Because you can control your entire server estate with it. I’m still working on my project but time is my biggest enemy.

I have to find a balance between volunteering in my sport (speedskating), work, work-related development, family time, fun projects, spare time and sleep. The latter one suffering the most. All of this is no reason to complain but just a challenge for balance.


Some fun stuff ahead. I’m going to write an Admin and Security training for SQL Server, partly based on the GDPR regulations. Think about row and table security, data masking etc.

I’ll dive deeper into Azure and into Axians Cloud management (a cloud solution based on Azure, but provided by my employer Axians). And my manager asked me to organize a morning/lunch session for our customers to inform them about the security possibilities in SQL Server.

Off course i’m continuing to enhance my skills in PowerShell, and the first conference is planned: DataGrillen

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