T-SQL Tuesday #115 – Dear 20 Year Old Self

This post is a part of #tsql2sday, a monthly community ritual where a topic is proposed by a community member and everyone is invited to join in.

The invitation came from Mohammed Darab (B | T) where in his post he asks us to write a letter to your 20 year old self.

A bit over twenty but i couldn’t an older picture…

This next part isn’t really a letter but more a bit of advice i should have had (or listened to). Or maybe should listen to now.

Follow your heart

That would be my main advice. Stop following people who you want to impress, who you want to like you. In the end, it won’t work. You won’t really waste time because every experience is something you can learn from, but you will speed things up by following your heart and your instinct. Expand on the things you’re good at and don’t act that you’re not good at them.

Pursuing a career because some people tell you that should be your way won’t work. Not now, not in the future. Yes it’s hard because they are your family and really mean well and they are trying to help you. Get all the career advice you can, mainly from people who are at some distance from you. They will judge you by your capabilities, not by your history.

Take care of yourself

Your major pitfall is aiming to please. Others. People will feed on you. You won’t mind and in a way it’s not a bad thing, but be carefull who you work for. Some people will return the favors later, others will just drop you when you’ve done your job. Try to find out who’s who by gaining the experience. But don’t forget to reserve time for yourself. You probably won’t do it but try and keep it somewhere in your head that there’s an absolute need to blow of steam. Your not too bad at sports so use that. Go out for a run, ride or pick up your speedskates. It’s to easy to sit at your desk and massage your keyboard. Don’t be like your future you… wait… skip that. Anyway, stop fighting time, you’ll lose. And funnily enough, most people won’t mind. As long as you tell them why you didn’t make it.

Enjoy music

Every line of code you will write should be written as if it were music. Some lines are tragic, others uplifting. Some are epic, some metallic, some classic. But in the end they are parts of a tune and every line of code should be in tune. You can change chords off course but those changes have to match the piece. If you get stuck, listen to inspiration, there’s nothing wrong with that. And whether it’s music or recorded sessions of the great minds, it doesn’t matter. As long as it gets you going again.

Go for it mate, you can do it!

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