TSQL Tuesday #132: Coping with the pandemic

This month, Taiob Ali (T | B) invites us to talk about how we’re coping with the pandemic.

I’ve missed a few TSQL Tuesdays because of the pandemic, mainly because of an enormous increase of work. I started as a consulant for my company in februari when all seemed relatively quiet and peacefull. I had some appointments for the months to come and I was preparing to venture out. Then the pandemic hit and all I saw was my laptop and monitor. Sure, clients and coworkes were seen through teams (zoom being a forbidden application in my company) but it’s different.

Anyway, in march a new project started with all kinds of fun stuff on Azure. Where I was used to working 40 hours those would easily expand to 60 hours. Because my work laptop is at home now and i can check things. Or do some work I hadn’t got the time for during the day. Or study for an exam.

Working many many hours isn’t something I mind doing. Ever since working as a farmhand, my default setting is that only when the work is done, you can relax. Thing is, in IT the work is never done. You can learn, you can expand or do all kinds of other things.

Like starting to speak! I started out with New stars of Data and got a second chance with #DataWeekender. It’s a really cool process and after my first session, ideas for new ones are brewing.

I don’t know if i miss seeing colleagues. I quite like them but they can be distracting. Running around, talking too loud. You know, the basic things humans do. I do miss meeting clients and customers. working with full focus on an issue, interacting to see if we’re making progress. That part i do miss.

I don’t think we’ll go back to the way it was about a year ago, spending 8 hours working in an office and going home to do other things. Those days will be there, but maybe once a week. The rest of the time will be spent either working from home or, hopefully, working at a customer.

Thanks for reading!

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