2021 in review, 2022 in preview

That’s it, 2021 as a working year should be done by now. It’s been one weird ride. I’m not going to comment on all things virus. It’s a given for now and might well remain to be for the foreseeable future. I just hope the impact will reduce so most things can return to ‘normal’.


2021 has offered a number of chances. Chances to grow professionally and as a person.
As a data professional I got the chance to broaden my horizon from “just” the SQL Server platform to a much wider spectrum of Azure Data Factory, Azure Synapse and all the data goodies that come with them. It led to new certifications, new connections within Axians (my employer) and a better view of how all pieces interact together.

As a person the chances came when being allowed to present sessions. To speak to either coworkers or attendees at conferences makes you grow. It’s improving skills to convey a point or to take others with you on a journey. A nice training on how to influence people helped out as well.


A number of things changed. As with every organization, people come and go. When people leave, it offers a chance to change. For me, I changed a bit from data platform and Azure platform techy towards an architect. I’m not there yet, if there even is a there. But it’s a change that will help me grow in the long term.


Keeping a work-life balance has always been difficult for my environment. I don’t really mind working as a life. but that’s not the most healthy way of living. As most of you might know, remote working can be draining. All those Teams meetings, staring at a screen and trying to keep focus is hard. Working long days will take it’s toll on you.


I started out late 2018 with blogging and every year the number of views rises, though it has stabilised a bit this year. 2020 may have been a bit skewed as one of my blogs was mentioned in Brent Ozars weekly newsletter and that usually helps to get a lot of views. Without that outlier, there’s a steady growth in visitors and views. And that’s really inspiring and humbling, it seems my ponderings on the Microsoft Data Platform are read and appreciated.



2022? I think I’m not wrong in thinking there will be a lot of Azure involved. And databases. And architecture. The changes and chances from 2021 will impact 2022. One of the goals will be to share more knowledge (inside the company and via conferences). This will help to improve the skills, combined with a training on presenting sessions.

I hope to keep on teaching, there’s nothing like explaining a problem to a student and seeing the coin drop. As I became a MCT, I can provide some offical Microsoft training as well.

Outside of work, I need to get out more. My belly is growing and that’s not a good sign.

Thank you

For reading my blog(s), for interacting on Twitter or watching one of my sessions. Thank you for being part of the wonderfull community that is the Sql Family; a place where you can be yourself.

Be excellent!

To yourself and to others.

Now, it’s time to raise our glasses, say good riddance to 2021 and welcome 2022.

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