An evening of Docker

It’s been too long since my last blog, time for a new one!

I got an email today from docker with an invitation for a webinar. As i’m interested in the subject, i took the invitation and tonight (20:00 local time) the webinar started. 

It started with some survey results from Forrester about the usage of containers in the past few years. According to them, it’s exploding! Over 70% of developers are using it. Of a number of leading companies.  I believe them. But honestly, it wasn’t those results i was waiting for, i was hoping for some insight in the usage of Docker. 

The second part of the webinar focused more on use cases for enterprises. Start small with getting to learn docker, develop one app completely in Docker and then scale up. That was the main part i got out of it. Which isn’t bad but i was hoping for a bit more. But maybe that’s because i’m more of a techy.

Because i saw a tweet from Microsoft about a new release of SQL 2019 ( i decided to get the docker image and get the thing running. 

At almost the same time i saw a tweet from Catherine Wilhelmsen about her steps to get this working. And behold, it’s alive. In just two Powershell lines i got the complete instance up and running. Two lines! The first line took about 3 minutes to complete, the second one a few seconds. Now that is supporting development. Or training purposes. Get the image from the repository, get your students to run it and you’re done. 

I could post my two lines of code here, but i’d much rather let you have a look at the blog of Catherine, you can find the specific post here:

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